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In 2015, our overland driving adventure “Drive the Silk Road®” will start from Munich, Germany on the 10th August. Our expedition team will take 92 days to reach Hong Kong, travelling through 11 countries covering almost 25,000 Km.

Despite the great distance between Europe and Asia, merchants, pilgrims and warriors all travelled along the Silk Road from the Mediterranean region in the West to as far as China in the East. The most profound influence of all were those brought by conquering civilizations in history.

This overland journey reveals various regions along the historical and legendary Silk Road taking travellers into many unspoiled and off-the-beaten-path places. The 3-month overland expedition along the Silk Road is divided into 4 sections and participants will have the option of participating in one section, or combined sections.

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Our one-of-a-kind overland adventure “Drive the Silk Road” runs annually from August, from Western Europe to the Far East. In 2019, the journey will start in Istanbul and end in China taking 92 days, travelling through 11 countries and covering over 25,000 Km



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The journey reveals various regions along this historical and legendary route taking travellers into many unspoiled and off-the-beaten-path . By driving through and visiting these places, our participants have realized that the Silk Road is not a legend that belongs to the past,

but full of liveliness and present-day activities, and the knowledge gained from the journey shall be much greater than those from the history books. Journey with us in the footsteps of legendary explorers ,along the greatest thoroughfare in human history.